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Turn Builders Ltd. is one of the distinct Real Estate Companies marked its success fruitfully setting all those requirements in mind. Confidence has been grown among 500 hundred families, 500 hundred trusts under the same roof so far. The dynamic management and the satisfaction of its clients following its uncompromising standard and careful attention forwarded the company to handover its project in all significant locations in all over Bangladesh .

The Speeches of Managing Director:

Bangladesh is the land of great population. To accommodate many people under one roof, real estate business concept became a significant way which is quite new in our country. The housing problem in our country diverts my thoughts to launch a Real estate building standing on the slogan “We implement your dreams”. Within this short span of time turn Builders Company flourished with the tireless efforts of my team. I am grateful to my team and the supports of my relevant surroundings as well.

I hope I could run this company smoothly and hope to expand more with all my said promise to the clients standing on my vision to create a beautiful Bangladesh solving the housing problem which is the basic need of human rights. I expect to keep pace with the global atmosphere as well.

 I specially thanking the media department for their sincerity and hard work in this noble endeavor so to my team as well.

With Thanks
Nahid – Al – Hasan
Managing Director

Turn Builders Ltd




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